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Hire Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails called as Rails or RoR. RoR is an open source web application development framework. Ruby on rails mainly runs on the general programming language, Ruby. Ruby on Rails is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language with properties from PERL & Python. RoR uses the variant framework of the MVC (Model/View/Controller) architecture pattern to organize application programming. The Model-view-controller architecture simplifies the coding process. Ruby on Rails includes tools that run a typical development task easier. Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaovaaaajdjizwm4yzlkltjkntetndfhzi1imdzhlwqyytayyzrhmzzhoq-1Ruby on Rails features a distinctive convention over configuration approach that has created it to grab a bigger market share among ten years of your time. As Ruby on Rails Development relies on MVC design it’s less code and repetition that helps the appliance development faster for Ruby on Rails developers. The options of Ruby on Rails have created it to deliver unmatchable, climbable and versatile web applications.

Some of the Features of Ruby on Rails Development

  • Most reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to make changes.
  • Agile Development
  • MVC architecture
  • Client Library
  • Available for free use.
  • Allows Platform independent coding.
  • Faster launch.

Ruby on Rails Outsourcing Services

Being an offshore RoR development service supplier, we tend to understand the importance of Ruby on Rails development and also the skills needed for a RoR Developer. To develop a web application you wish a responsive, reliable, active and moreover experienced partner, thus Tecorb Technologies. We offer end to end RoR development services. Our RoR developers are passionate about RoR development.

Some RoR web based application development services.

  • RoR porting and migration.
  • RoR testing services.
  • RoR content management (CMS) development services.
  • RoR blogs, widgets, and social networking site development.
  • RoR e-commerce application development
  • RoR layout design.

Tecorb Technologies provides skilled offshore RoR development services. Deliver the goods best results out of Ruby on Rails Development technology operating with specialists on Ruby on Rails Development. We can get delivered multiple comes on RoR since our origination. We have a decent understanding of the technology.

ruby_and_rails_large-1Our Ruby on Rails Web application developers has glorious information on ruby on rails development.

  • Radrail, Rails 2, Rails 3, Rails Framework
  • BootStrap
  • MySQL, SQL, Postgresql, SQLite.
  • Web 2.0/3.0 Techniques.
  • Query, Sencha Touch
  • HTML5, CSS 3
  • Source code control using Git, SVN etc
  • Database installation
  • Development and Testing Environment
  • Coding standards and other solutions too.

Ruby On Rails Development for Different Industries

We understand the importance of different RoR application for various Industries, and our offshore Ruby On Rails developers are ready to cater the necessity of each client. The areas wherever we have competence and have verified our technical skills are:

  • IT Consulting /IT Services.
  • Web/IT Services.
  • Travel & Tourism.
  • Manufacturing & Services.
  • Social Networking
  • Social Plug-in Widgets
  • Construction Industry.
  • Print Media
  • Blog Widgets
  • E- Commerce.

Outsource Ruby on Rails Development with Tecorb Technologies and get

  • The expertise of 6+ years in Web Development.
  • Excellent Team for Ruby on Rails Development.
  • Flexible Customer Engagement Models.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Soft communication
  • Adherence to strict Coding Guidelines and Standards.
  • Complete Documentation.

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TecOrb Technologies- IOS Application Development Company in USA, India, UK

Get an Understanding concerning the Abundant Opportunities

They should not falter in being attentive of the growing mobile apps market and also the latest tools and trends. Otherwise, it is attainable that they could encounter difficulties later, which will prevent steady growth.


Apart from that, you must want to check if you are planning to start a business that is good for your area of experience. You must also check if you have got enough resources offered in your area or field. If not, you must be willing to consider outsourcing the work

Understand the Marketplace and the New Form, plan or idea of Business Happening there

Many people have seen totally different world markets and have got some basic plan regarding what sells and what does not. But, once we point out market within the mobile app development, download the foremost successful apps and also the unsuccessful ones. Attempt to discern the common traits in them. This may help to develop a way of the existing demand and permits one to explore the world of innovative and promising ideas further ahead. For those targeting IOS app development, Apple’s cheat sheet can facilitate a good deal.

Starting an Android/ IOS Application Development Company

Once you have got determined to hold on to this business, you wish to register yourself as a developer, so that you will be able to publish your apps within the respective apps stores with a developer account. You will able to prefer the platform of your selection and fulfill the requirements to complete registration. For starters, it is always higher to start with IOS application development than Android, as iPhone users are additional doubtless to undertake new apps from new developers.

Apple Developer Programs

iPhone application developers who wish to join Apple’s program can have many benefits. First of all, they are going to reach customers all over the world, who visits the Apps Store from their iPads, Macs, iPhones, Apple Watch, Apple TV and iMessage. Secondly, developers gain access to software, in-depth beta testing tools, advanced apps capabilities etc. After building apps you are using cutting-edge Apple technologies, developers may use TestFlight Beta Testing to ask iOS users to test their apps, before being added to the App Store, therefore if there is any defect or major problem, the feedback received from testers may help developers reduces the problem.


Android application development company- Tecorb Technologies

Being a popular mobile OS, there is no doubt that android founds full number when once it involves safety and security. There is a multiple-layer for security protection that has been embedded in it for its usage across a range of platforms. Android protect to saved data of all its users. Well, the protection is not solely created for shielding user’s data, however conjointly for developers for a strong android apps development.

To help the android developers create the android apps development method make the more secure, we suggest some basic security practices.


Store All Data In Private Mode: If you utilize Open File input, then it is counseled to store all the information within the internal storage area. All the files, that you produce, are accessed here by line of work AN application. Storing the information in SD card is strictly not offer to allow. In case, you do not have any options left, encrypt all the information before you begin the storage method.

Broadcast Data With in The Process: Local Broad cast Manager helps and offers you to share the data within the apps. No matter information you broadcast gets keep in your apps. Hence, you are doing not thought to worry regarding information leak. No different application will send your broadcasts to the apps, therefore let go any risk of security loopholes.

Authenticate The Caller’s Package Name: Before you begin process the intent, it is more important to certify the package of the caller. Please remember in mind that only those broadcasters who are allowed this permission will tag the Android Manifest.XML file. This may make sure that your application is safe from any kinds of virus or malicious attacks. So as to enforce permission, a developer will provide a non-null permission where as registering the receiver.

Always Set The Exported Flag As False: keep in mind that the default price depends on the intent filters. To invoke it, use its precise category name. The attribute not solely restricts the exposure to alternative applications; in fact, it also offers or allows you to put a limit to the external entities, which might move with the service as well. In fact, the permission may be accustomed to stop any external entity from interacting with the service.

Android Application Sandbox protects all your data and information apps or codes from being accessed.


Security is primary in each operating system (OS) even within the case of an android. Adopting the above-mentioned measures can assist you to keep maintain an error-free database and at the equivalent time ensure more or more apps security.

If you are search for an android apps development solution for your business, then we are just the right persons to contact with.

If you can want to develop security apps on android then you contact with us Tecorb Technologies. Tecorb Technologies is the best leading company in India, USA, UK and some other country. Tecorb Technologies is the best company because we give all application to the clients in time and we full fill all requirements of clients and users.

Mobile Application Development Company- Tecorb Technologies

If you would like to get the application for your smart phone? Then you must need to know some things before taking any step towards attaining the most effective application. In current time, with the development in smart phone technology, the demand of the most effective apps has also increased greatly. Therefore, it is simple to expect that the company that develop application for smart phones Therefore, after you would search for any of the top most company to avail quality application for your smart phone, you may fall in dilemma. However, if you become aware about some of the important concerns regarding the top sources, where you can avail not only the top quality apps but also you can avail them at the most effective cost; it might be a profitable concern to you. Meeting your would like would be easier enough by gathering lot of info relating the company that offers application development services for smart phones. Knowing the favored apps designing company also because the key services, delivered by them would lead you towards accessing the most effective benefits by purchasing the interesting and helpful smart phone application.


Great numbers of stores are seen in each city in modern world that deliver high quality software and application for smart phones. However, being a smart user of a smart phone once you would be selective in choosing the most wonderful apps. It might be the top way to you meeting your requirement. It is not an exaggeration that the renowned company tends to provide best quality software. However, the price of that application could be higher in compared with the software in market available at other sources. Therefore, if you have got a restricted budget to avail Mobile Application Development Services, then you would follow another way. You may contact the favored company that offers not only customized application development services but also offers affordable services. If you follow this way, meeting your requirement not only is easier to you but availing the software at the responsible cost would also be possible to you. Therefore, make no error in gathering the most effective info about the top most Mobile Application Development Company that would not only offers you higher quality application as per your requirement but would provide you the opportunity to meet your requirement within your cost limit too.

Tecorb Technologies is one of leading company for mobile application development. We have experience team for application development and we developed the application in requirement of the clients in the clients’ budget

Feel secure while choosing Ruby on Rails for your application as comparatively others.

Ruby on Rails is a popular framework for web applications, built on the dynamic Ruby programming language. Estimates indicate that a quarter of a million websites use it, including Airbnb, Basecamp, Groupon, Hulu, and Slideshare. Developers love working with it because it is expandable and it helps them get from concept to prototype quickly.

Ruby on Rails Built in Security Features

I am a good believer in secure by default and making security easy for developers. Some can argue that by create security easy, it can make developers pay less attention to security and possibly lead them to making creating security mistakes. Kind of like a horse with blinkers on. In reality I think it is probably a balance, do not create security invisible to the developer but instead create it just easy enough for them to implement in right way.

So be warned! Do not just RORs built in security features thinking that they offer a 100% most effective way at mitigating the vulnerabilities they could designed to prevent against. Instead, learn how to used them rightly and know their limitations.

Supported versions:

For major security issues or error, the current release series, the next most recent one, and the last additional major series may receive or take patches and some latest versions. This is currently new versions 5.0.x and 4.2.x.

When a release series is no longer supported, it’s your own responsibility to deal with issues or errors. We can offers backports of the fixes and publish them to git, however there may be no new versions released. If you are not comfortable maintaining your own versions, you should upgrade to a new supported version.

Ruby on Rails Security Gems

As we have seen, Rails provides many built in security features to help protect our applications, data and users from web based virus attacks and some other attacks. But we also saw that these have their limitations. For security features that Rails does not provide by default there are always Gems, lots and lots of Gems


System or devise is a popular authentication and authorization Gem for Rails. It provides secure password storage using bcrypt to hash salted passwords. User lockouts, user registration, forgot password functionality and more.

Although system or Devise’s own README states, “If you may building your 1ST Rails application, we recommend you do not use Devise or System”, I would ignore this statement. If you are security aware and you have built applications in other frameworks before, I do not see any issue or error with using Devise or system for your IST Rails application.



Brakeman is a Static Code Analysis (SCA) tool for Rails applications. It searches your application’s source code for potential vulnerabilities. Although it can report the occasional False or Positive, personally, I think this is a great Gem and one I would definitely recommend running against your application before going into production. Even better, run it after every commit.



Developed by Twitter, Secure Headers is a Gem that implements security related HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) headers into your application’s HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) responses. Headers such as Content Security Policy to help protect against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to ensure your site is only accessible over secure HTTPS, X-Frame-Options and others.



Developed by Kickstarter, Rack::Attack is a Gem for blocking & throttling abusive requests.   Personally, I use Rack::Attack to prevent forms being abused, for example, instead of implementing a CAPTCHA on a submission form, I use Rack::Attack to ensure it is not submitted too many times in a short space of time. This would prevent automated tools from abusing the form submission. It also supports whitelisting and blacklisting of requests.

Node.js Development Company- Tecorb Technologies

Some of the top most developers on the earth will agree that once it involves platform independent tools to develop web applications, there is nothing higher than a Javascript based solution. There was a time when Javascript was only restricted to rich frontend development, but for server side implementation a developer would have to choose and like programming languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, JAVA etc. But with the coming of Node.js all that is quickly changing. It can currently attainable to form feature made side while not compromising on speed or performance.

What is the node.js?

Node.js is a web server side platform designed on Google Chrome’s Java Script Engine (V8 Engine). Ryan Dahl developed Node.js in 2009 and its latest version is v0.10.36.

Node.js may be a platform designed on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for simply building quick and scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that produces it lightweight and economical, excellent for for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.


Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing web server-side and networking applications. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript, and it may be run within the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

Node.js also offers a rich library of various Java Script modules that simplifies the development of web applications using Node.js to a good extent.


The advantages of using Node.js according to TecOrb Technologies

  1. Node.js is fast- we are say that node.js is more faster then other application because it use java scripts on runtime. Node.js runs on theGoogle’s V8 engine that compiles the Java Script directly into machine code making it faster than most.

2-Useful- Node.js is essay for use because it uses the java script for runtime. And all developers know the java script.

Where to Use Node.js?

Following some area where Node.js is proving itself as a perfect technology partner.

  • I/O bound Applications
  • Data Streaming Applications
  • Data Intensive Real time Applications (DIRT)
  • JSON APIs based Applications
  • Single Page Applications

Tecorb Technologies is the best leading company for Node.js, MEAN stack , Angular Js, Ruby on Rails and PHP.