Case Study of Laundry Application

You may not think of laundry as a high-tech industry, but at Laundry we’ve invested large quantity in technology to transform the laundry room experience for our customers.

The result is drove towards the intelligent systems that allow for real-time connectivity, easy to use mobile apps, and quicker service response, remote laundry monitoring and smart-card payment.

Being dynamic, multi-national business, technology enables us to maximize laundry room profits, deliver superior service, keep a pulse on what’s important to our customers, and maintain the lifetime customer retention rate.

Phases of Laundry Application

A.) Pick  

pick up

B.) Wash 

laundryD application Development company

C.) En-Route  




D.) Drop  


Save time. Save money. Save the environment. It’s an easy choice. Revolutionize your laundry process today by signing up for Simply Laundry’s door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning delivery service!

Features of LaundryD App:

  • One tap (Request on the Home Pick Button) to complete all your laundry requirement
  • You can Track status of your laundry request whenever you want.
  • Order history of your current and previous orders.
  • You will receive Apps notifications on your mobile. After successful completion of your laundry request.
  • You can mark your pickup and delivery time slot at the time of placing the request.
  • Live location tracking of pickup/delivery persons.
  • Simplified and secured advanced payment options.


Working of Laundry:

PICK: This section is again divided in to 3 sub-sections with a progress form, where contractor have to add details of laundry, like type, unit and Quantity, than contractor have to Submit date for DROP, on last sub-section, contractor have to get sign of a assigned person and submit form.

WASH: After getting laundry, Contractor supply this laundry to washing unit. Taking washing unit authority signature. (Here authorities can check laundry details).

EN-ROUTE: On Getting, Laundry from washing unit, contractor can add notes for laundry.

DROP: This section is again divided in to 2 sub-sections with a progress form, where contractor have to add details of DROPED laundry, like type, unit and Quantity, than contractor have to get sign of a assigned person than contractor submit form.


Here, at Laundry, we believe that each of the laundry order – no matter big or small – is an opportunity to provide better service. We make it a point to collect data and feedback from user, and act on it as fast as we can. Also, we make sure that our presented laundry must know our customers’ standards and that you people as customers get the very best out of it. We trust in giving you the best and most remarkable experience – that even though doing your laundry is our job, it becomes a smooth and unified experience every time, without flop.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that visitors who access your website from mobile devices have knowledge of optimized for the device.

What is mobile Optimization

Every year people spend maximum time on their mobile devices and tablets, however several websites still are not designed to account for various screen sizes and load times. Mobile optimization takes a look at page speed, website structure, website design, and additional to create certain you are not unwittingly turning mobile guests or visitors away.


Mobile SEO Best Practices

If your website is already optimized for search engines, there are only some additional things that you can think about when you optimizing for mobile.

Page Speed:

Because of hardware and property problems, page speed is even a lot of necessary for mobile users than desktop users. Beyond optimizing pictures, you will need to minify code, leverage browser caching, and reduce redirects.


Website design for mobile

Mobile devices are simplifying and revolutionizing the ways in which websites are designed. “Above the fold” not has which means during a world whenever we have a tendency to scroll endlessly

Optimize titles and Meta descriptions

Remember that you are working with less screen space when a user searches using a mobile device. To show off your best work in SERPS (Tools for Keyword Checking on Google or Yahoo Search engine), be as concise as possible (without sacrificing the quality of the information) when creating URLs, titles, and Meta descriptions.

Optimize for local search

If your business has a local element, keep in mind to optimize your mobile content for local search. This includes standardizing your name, address, and signal and as well as your town and state name in your website’s data.

Mobile site configuration

Probably the most necessary decision you will build once fitting a website is deciding whether or not you wish to use a responsive, dynamic serving, or separate website configuration. Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages. Google prefers responsive design however supports all 3 choices as long as you have got set them up properly.

Responsive web design

Responsively designed websites use CSS3 media queries to serve an equivalent content to mobile and desktop users using a fluid grid and a useable design to automatically depend to the size of a user’s screen.


Responsive designed use media queries to focus on the layout supported screen dimension, resolution and orientation. For example, you might use the subsequent CSS to instruct browsers a way to show content for a screen that is 420 or fewer pixels wide:

Final thoughts

Sure, do paid search to get visibility in Google smart-phone search; however do not forget to try to mobile SEO (Search engine optimization) for additional visibility. These steps — target on fix mobile-friendly errors, core ranking, do mobile keyword research and content creation, do apps store optimization and apps indexing, and use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) — will help bring more organic traffic to your content from mobile searchers.


Google Map Integration in Swift IOS


Google Map Integration in iOS and SDK, Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offer satellite imagery, street maps 360 degree panoramic views of streets, real- time traffic condition, and route planning for travelling by foot, car, cycle, or public transportation

Working with maps in consists of an entire programming as there are tons of things that a developer can do with them. From just presenting a location on a map to drawing a journey’s route with intermediate positions, or even exploiting a map’s possibilities in totally different approach, dealing with all these undoubtly may be a great experience that leads to superb results.

Getting Start

Step 1:- Get the latest version of Xcode

Step 2:- Install the SDK

Create a Podfile for the Google Maps SDK for IOS and use it to install the API and its dependencies:

  1. If you do not have an Xcode project yet, create one now and save it to your local machine. (If you are new to iOS development, create a Single View Application.)
  1. Create a file named Podfile in your project directory. This file defines your project’s dependencies.
  1. Edit the Podfile and add your dependencies. which includes the dependencies you need for the Google Maps SDK for iOS and Places API for iOS (optional):
  1. Add this pod in Podfile in your application
  2.            do

                       pod ‘GoogleMaps’

                       pod ‘GooglePlaces’


 6. Save the podfile

7.Open a terminal and go to the directory containing the Podfil

 8. Cd <path-to- project>

 9. Run pod install command

     Pod install

10. Close Xcode, and then open (double-click) your project’s .xcworkspace file to launch Xcode. From this time onwards, you must use the .xcworkspace file to open the project.

Step 3:- Get an API key

1.Go to the Google API Console.

2.Create or select a project.

3.Click Continue to enable the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

4. On the Credentials page, get an API key.

Note: If you have a key with iOS restrictions, you can use that key. You can use the same key with any of your iOS apps within the same project.

5. From the dialog displaying the API key, select Restrict key to set an iOS restriction on the API key.

6.In the Restrictions section, select iOS applications, then enter your app’s bundle identifier. For example: example.hellomap.

you get the bundle identifier from your project go to project then click on the project name folder then select project-> target-> general-> identity->bundle identifier -> copy your that bundle identifier then paste that identifier those restriction section

  1. Click Save.

Your new iOS-restricted API key appears in the list of API keys for your project. An API key is a string of characters, something like this:


Step 4:- Add API key in your application

Add your API key to your AppDelegate.swift

  1. Import GoogleMaps
  2. Add the following to your application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) method,

replacing YOUR_API_KEY with your API key:

GMSServices.provideAPIKey(“YOUR_API_KEY ”)

  1. if you are also using the Places API

GMSPlacesClient.provideAPIKey(“YOUR_API_KEY ”)

 Step 5:- ADD Map

Now, add or update a few methods inside your app’s default ViewController to create and initialize an instance of GMSMapView.

import UIKIT

import GoogleMaps

class GoogleMapViewController: UIViewController{

override fun loadView(){

//Mark:- Create a GMSCameraPosition there tells the map to displaying the Map

// coordinate set you want suppose Coordinate latitude -33.86, longitude – 151.20 at zoom level 10.

let camera = GMsCameraPosition.Camera(withLatitude: -33.86, longitude: 151.20, zoom: 10.0)

let mapView = CGRect.Zero, camera: camera)

// Mark:- Create a Marker in the Centre of the map you are designing

let marker = GMSMarker()

marker.position = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: -33.86, longitude: 151.20)

marker.tittle = “Sydney”

marker.snippet = “Australia” = mapView



Step 6:- Declare the URL scheme used by API

Application must be declare the URL schemes that they intend to open, by specifying the schemes in the app’s Info.plist file.

To declare the URL schemes used by the Google Maps SDK for iOS add the following lines to your Info.plist






Step 7:- Run your project


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AngularJs with Ruby on Rails Task-I

As we know that Ruby and Rails is a great for  building the backend (Server) Apis. AngularJs is great for building the client side JavaScript Applications. So by combining both of these together for building the applications then surly they will deliver a  great products. So I think AngularJs is a great tool for building the application with Ruby on Rails.

Lets proceed for using AngularJs in our Rails Application:

Step 1: Create a rails application like lets say ‘angulardemo’

Step 2: Add gem “angularjs-rails” to your gem file and do bundle.

Step 3: Now bind the ng-app=”myapp” with html tag in application.html.erb like:

<html ng-app=”myapp”>

And in application.js  just add

 //= require angular

The ng-app directive defines that this is an AngularJS application

 Step 4:  Make a controller with index action and set this as root in route.rb

 Step 5: Now we are going to make a simple form that will take a book name from user and add this name in the books list shown below.


So for this first of all we have to put a html form with name attribute that will be the book name.

Step 6: Now add  ng-model=”” with this text box like:

<input type=”text” name=”name” placeholder=”Type a name here” ng-model=”” autocomplete=”off”>

Here ‘ng-model’ binds the value of HTML controls like select,input etc to application data.

And ‘newEntry’ is the object that will working with in this form and name being an attribute that will set on this object for this given field.

Step 7: Now put {{}}  below the form

this will print the model value when you will type in the textbox now. So refresh your page and try to write in your text field and look you will notice same text will appear below the form what you are typing now.


So in this Part we have learn how to use AngularJs in our Rails Application.

In Next part we will discuss the working with controller and submit this form and add this name to a list.

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Few steps for choosing Enterprise Mobile and Web Application Development Company

Today, the business communication is generally or mostly depends on Mobile. Certainly, Smartphone chases and proliferates the market. Therefore, adoption of Mobile in most of the enterprises, as well as tending, travel, finance and game across the business is a chief strategy. Hence, Choosing and selecting right web and Mobile Application Development Company has already inaugurated the new wave of business chance.


Security of the Apps Idea

 Well, the largest threat to the companies and entrepreneurs nowadays could be a security threat. Sometimes, once the launch of application, several poor quality replicas hit the application stores and this happens due to poor security measures taken by the Development Companies. Hence, associate with a company that emphasis on application’s security to the maximum.


Offers out-of-the-box services

 To achieve good or smart ROI from application, look for a company that excels in developing solutions that are unique and updated; and more importantly, it follows an innovative approach. This is one of among the crucial factors to yield expected business results.

Client’s Feedback and Review

 The past and present clients or user feedback and review help to quickly determine or identify the necessity for the custom mobile application. Further, with the reference one will contact the Clients or User of the company in their mobile application design and development.

App Design Standards

 Talking regarding the essential aspect that rolls your business success is standard design of the custom application. Therefore, determining on the expertise and skills of the application designers of apps Development Companies is necessary. Also, should be headed along side with great UI/UX designers with the capability to deliver world-class custom app designs.

Trusted QA and testing Measures

Web and mobile Application Development Companies should follow the resent manual and automation, quality assurance and testing measure in order to avoid technical errors or bugs by the time it arrives the apps store. Frequent interruption within the functioning of the mobile application can lose user’s interest creating a negative impact on them.


Above are the steps to produce you thanks to realizing the most effective Mobile Application Development Company that can assist you to achieve your desirable result. Hence, you would like to select a company that understands your need immaculately.

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Offshore Ruby on Rails (RoR) Development Services

Hire Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails called as Rails or RoR. RoR is an open source web application development framework. Ruby on rails mainly runs on the general programming language, Ruby. Ruby on Rails is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language with properties from PERL & Python. RoR uses the variant framework of the MVC (Model/View/Controller) architecture pattern to organize application programming. The Model-view-controller architecture simplifies the coding process. Ruby on Rails includes tools that run a typical development task easier. Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaovaaaajdjizwm4yzlkltjkntetndfhzi1imdzhlwqyytayyzrhmzzhoq-1Ruby on Rails features a distinctive convention over configuration approach that has created it to grab a bigger market share among ten years of your time. As Ruby on Rails Development relies on MVC design it’s less code and repetition that helps the appliance development faster for Ruby on Rails developers. The options of Ruby on Rails have created it to deliver unmatchable, climbable and versatile web applications.

Some of the Features of Ruby on Rails Development

  • Most reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to make changes.
  • Agile Development
  • MVC architecture
  • Client Library
  • Available for free use.
  • Allows Platform independent coding.
  • Faster launch.

Ruby on Rails Outsourcing Services

Being an offshore RoR development service supplier, we tend to understand the importance of Ruby on Rails development and also the skills needed for a RoR Developer. To develop a web application you wish a responsive, reliable, active and moreover experienced partner, thus Tecorb Technologies. We offer end to end RoR development services. Our RoR developers are passionate about RoR development.

Some RoR web based application development services.

  • RoR porting and migration.
  • RoR testing services.
  • RoR content management (CMS) development services.
  • RoR blogs, widgets, and social networking site development.
  • RoR e-commerce application development
  • RoR layout design.

Tecorb Technologies provides skilled offshore RoR development services. Deliver the goods best results out of Ruby on Rails Development technology operating with specialists on Ruby on Rails Development. We can get delivered multiple comes on RoR since our origination. We have a decent understanding of the technology.

ruby_and_rails_large-1Our Ruby on Rails Web application developers has glorious information on ruby on rails development.

  • Radrail, Rails 2, Rails 3, Rails Framework
  • BootStrap
  • MySQL, SQL, Postgresql, SQLite.
  • Web 2.0/3.0 Techniques.
  • Query, Sencha Touch
  • HTML5, CSS 3
  • Source code control using Git, SVN etc
  • Database installation
  • Development and Testing Environment
  • Coding standards and other solutions too.

Ruby On Rails Development for Different Industries

We understand the importance of different RoR application for various Industries, and our offshore Ruby On Rails developers are ready to cater the necessity of each client. The areas wherever we have competence and have verified our technical skills are:

  • IT Consulting /IT Services.
  • Web/IT Services.
  • Travel & Tourism.
  • Manufacturing & Services.
  • Social Networking
  • Social Plug-in Widgets
  • Construction Industry.
  • Print Media
  • Blog Widgets
  • E- Commerce.

Outsource Ruby on Rails Development with Tecorb Technologies and get

  • The expertise of 6+ years in Web Development.
  • Excellent Team for Ruby on Rails Development.
  • Flexible Customer Engagement Models.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Soft communication
  • Adherence to strict Coding Guidelines and Standards.
  • Complete Documentation.

Need Ruby on Rails Development for your project or product?

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Feel secure while choosing Ruby on Rails for your application as comparatively others.

Ruby on Rails is a popular framework for web applications, built on the dynamic Ruby programming language. Estimates indicate that a quarter of a million websites use it, including Airbnb, Basecamp, Groupon, Hulu, and Slideshare. Developers love working with it because it is expandable and it helps them get from concept to prototype quickly.

Ruby on Rails Built in Security Features

I am a good believer in secure by default and making security easy for developers. Some can argue that by create security easy, it can make developers pay less attention to security and possibly lead them to making creating security mistakes. Kind of like a horse with blinkers on. In reality I think it is probably a balance, do not create security invisible to the developer but instead create it just easy enough for them to implement in right way.

So be warned! Do not just RORs built in security features thinking that they offer a 100% most effective way at mitigating the vulnerabilities they could designed to prevent against. Instead, learn how to used them rightly and know their limitations.

Supported versions:

For major security issues or error, the current release series, the next most recent one, and the last additional major series may receive or take patches and some latest versions. This is currently new versions 5.0.x and 4.2.x.

When a release series is no longer supported, it’s your own responsibility to deal with issues or errors. We can offers backports of the fixes and publish them to git, however there may be no new versions released. If you are not comfortable maintaining your own versions, you should upgrade to a new supported version.

Ruby on Rails Security Gems

As we have seen, Rails provides many built in security features to help protect our applications, data and users from web based virus attacks and some other attacks. But we also saw that these have their limitations. For security features that Rails does not provide by default there are always Gems, lots and lots of Gems


System or devise is a popular authentication and authorization Gem for Rails. It provides secure password storage using bcrypt to hash salted passwords. User lockouts, user registration, forgot password functionality and more.

Although system or Devise’s own README states, “If you may building your 1ST Rails application, we recommend you do not use Devise or System”, I would ignore this statement. If you are security aware and you have built applications in other frameworks before, I do not see any issue or error with using Devise or system for your IST Rails application.



Brakeman is a Static Code Analysis (SCA) tool for Rails applications. It searches your application’s source code for potential vulnerabilities. Although it can report the occasional False or Positive, personally, I think this is a great Gem and one I would definitely recommend running against your application before going into production. Even better, run it after every commit.



Developed by Twitter, Secure Headers is a Gem that implements security related HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) headers into your application’s HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) responses. Headers such as Content Security Policy to help protect against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to ensure your site is only accessible over secure HTTPS, X-Frame-Options and others.



Developed by Kickstarter, Rack::Attack is a Gem for blocking & throttling abusive requests.   Personally, I use Rack::Attack to prevent forms being abused, for example, instead of implementing a CAPTCHA on a submission form, I use Rack::Attack to ensure it is not submitted too many times in a short space of time. This would prevent automated tools from abusing the form submission. It also supports whitelisting and blacklisting of requests.